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Airtime + vLine

We are excited to announce that vLine has joined the Airtime team. When we first met Sean Parker it was clear he had a vision that resonated with ours: that the proliferation of smartphones and increasing network bandwidth and coverage provide the foundation for a world where real-time video will give rise to new ways of communication and experiences.

Since joining Airtime, we have been working on building out a globally distributed WebRTC platform optimized for mobile devices and networks that powers the Airtime application. Building scalable real-time multi-party video chat is quite challenging. Unlike simple streaming applications that can tolerate latency on the order of seconds and leverage existing content delivery networks, our network has to provide latency on the order of milliseconds so that people anywhere in the world can hold intelligible conversations. We have made much progress towards this goal, but we have more to do and exciting ideas on how to further improve. If you are interested in complex technical challenges and want to help us push the boundaries of real-time communication, we are hiring.

We thank you for using vLine and being our customers. We value your privacy and will be deleting all vLine customer data permanently. We hope to continue creating compelling products and experiences for you as part of Airtime.

Please check out the Airtime app. Comments or questions? Send us a note at We’d love to hear from you.

Originally published at on June 28, 2016.

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